A new type of high conversion reactors


Biodiesel is an oxygenated biofuel, product of the transesterification reaction of triglycerides present in vegetable oils and animal fats with a low molecular weight alcohol in the presence of a homogeneous catalyst to form fatty esters – Biodiesel-, and glycerol. Biodiesel is used in heating systems and as an additive in diesel engines in mixtures of 10% (B10) and 20% (B20), and in some cases, depending on their purity, used directly in ignition engines.

Currently, biodiesel is produced using very low conversion batch reactors which leads to the need to use large amounts of energy for the purification of biodiesel. Our HCM® Technology offers a new type of reactors where you get high conversion and operate on a continuous basis.


Dynamic cavitation reactor of magnetic pulses. You can use any type of oil including animal fat by obtaining a conversion from triglycerides to biodiesel up to 99%. Handles flows from 500 to 1000 L/h.


  • Continuous operation.

  • You can use any type of oil.

  • Use of alcohol and catalyst near the stoichiometric composition (little excess alcohol).

  • Uso de alcohol y catalizador cercano a la composición estequiométrica (poco exceso de alcohol).

  • Low energy consumption 0032 Kw/L.

  • Reaction at room temperature.

  • The reactors use little space 1.5 m2.

  • Fully autonomous modular units allowing to expand the production capacity to meet your needs.

  • Each unit process 500 or 1000 L/h.


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