HCM® (Molecular Hydro Cavitation), is a technology that through a physical process modifies the molecular structure of many products. It is applied in industries that work with all types of fluids to optimize their quality, performance, processes and favour costs. With this technology you can also get new products derived from the existing ones. HCM® is characterized as an innovative, avant-garde and widely tested technology. It is currently contributing positively to the industrial sector, changing paradigms and offering an added value to the products.



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  • Biodiesel production plant using HCM® Modular technology with a production capacity of 40,000 tons/year.
  • All the engineering of the project that included conceptual engineering, basic and detail engineering was carried out. The Assembly was supervised and the commissioning was followed up to the delivery of the final product under the Colombian standards.
  • Installation time, start-up and engineering 24 months.

Accompaniment and start up of a dosing unit with HCM® technology.


Design and assembly of a processing unit of up to 0.5 tons/h for passion fruit, Lulo, blackberry and Soursop pulps.


Development of an HCM® Reactor train for the incorporation of cheese protein with milk cream and fruit flavors. The ultimate goal is to obtain a protein-rich product with the texture characteristics of Greek yogurt.


Fuel Improvement plant with capacity of 2,000 liters/hour using the HCM® Technology for the generation of energy.




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To promote and encourage scientific research that allows to create new solutions through HCM® Technology, intervening the chemistry of industrial fluids to optimize their quality, performance, processes, promote costs and to contribute to the development of the world industry with innovative and versatile solutions that face the challenges or difficulties that the industries have.

To be world leaders in industrial fluid mechanics through the use of HCM® Technology, to excel in the industrial sector by the search for excellence in all our projects, with a perceptible culture of service and efficiency. To be your best technological choice for our customers.

  • Integrity in all our trade agreements.
  • Honesty and transparency in the treatment for our clients with a culture of service and efficiency.
  • Work to make a positive change in the world and contribute to the care of the planet.



Chemical Engineer, Magister and PhD. In engineering with more than 20 years of experience in the assembly and design of industrial plants. He has worked in many researches for the use of HCM® Technology in different applications. Author of more than 20 international articles, 6 books and highlights his participation in a large number of national and international events as exhibitor.

Its extensive trajectory in process intensification and fluid mechanics, position it as one of the important benchmarks within the cavitation technology at national and international level.