Drinking water purification and treatment systems


The systems of purification and treatment of organic wastewater by cavitation hydrodynamic, are of high impact since it is a process that obtains the purification of the water, this is due to the pressures and temperatures produced by the process of Cavitation, resulting in an instantaneous total transparency and with a total mineralization of the water. It is obtained in the water high purity conditions being suitable for human consumption without providing any chemical treatment. The process of HCM® can treat water from rivers, lakes, subsoil, ponds, etc.
On the other hand, water from dairy food industries, oils, etc. can be treated, returning the water to the circuit in closed cycle for considerable savings at the economic and environmental level.


The Water Treatment unit is a equipment that does not use reagents for the removal of organic material, heavy metals or other contaminants that may contain the water to be treated.
The unit is equipped with a high and intensive cavitation reactor. The system initially takes the water using a high pressure pump that propels it through a hydraulic radiator and its subsequent sent to the cavitation chamber. In the cavitation reactor there are cavities in the liquid that then implode creating high frequency waves that generate high energy. The available energy is absorbed by the liquid reaching high temperatures and pressure that breaks the organic materials, including bacteria and microorganisms.


Fully autonomous equipment with PLC for flow control, temperature, and pressure. It has a filtration system that must be designed for every type of water you want to treat. The equipment has two process circuits, in the first circuit the water is subjected to an intense process of cavitation where thanks to the effect of the nuclei of formed cavities, the contaminants of the water are broken and annihilated. The Second circuit is formed by a filter train that retains the impurities and delivers water to be poured.


  • Easy manipulation.

  • No civil work required.

  • It does not require highly qualified personnel.

  • It does not require use of chemical reagents.

  • It can treat sewage.

  • It can be used as a disinfecting unit without adding chlorine to the water.


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